Variety- Hey Doll Baby RSD 2022’s Most Wanted

Variety- Hey Doll Baby RSD 2022’s Most Wanted

Record Store Day 2022’s Most Wanted: Beyond the Taylor Swift Hysteria, 25 More Vinyl Pieces Worth Hunting Down

What else to look for in indie stores? Limited editions from Foo Fighters, Joni Mitchell, David Bowie, Charles Mingus, the Ramones, Lou Reed, the Grateful Dead and even David Lynch, for starters


Face the facts: you are never, ever getting that Taylor Swift exclusive Record Store Day release that is coming out today. Fifty million Swift fans can’t be wrong, and about a tenth of them seem bent on landing the 10,000 copies of a 7-inch single of “The Lakes” that is going on sale at indie retailers today as part of the annual holiday for music geeks. Actually, “on sale” may be a bit of a misnomer, as many stores have decided to hold raffles later in the day for the handful of copies that they each got in (if they got any at all), which does serve the purpose of diffusing the mass angst over not getting a copy. But try to achieve some zen calm, and remember: with this particular two-sided single, it’s already online and you can always stream it. (Yes, those are traitorous words on Record Store Day.)

But if you were planning on picking up the Swift single for a loved one, why not consider one of the 300-plus alternatives also coming out for RSD today as a consolation prize? How nearly equally happy will your daughter be to get the new five-LP boxed set from avant-jazz great Albert Ayler when you arrive home? How about Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett’s new solo EP to assuage the tears of a disappointed aunt? Cypress Hill’s “420 Remixes” or Dio’s “Double Dose of Donington” or a five-disc Dead live performance, or a little something from Gong, L.A. Guns or Golden Smog could be just the thing to turn your Swiftie grandpa’s frown upside down.

But in all seriousness, do consider some of these 2022 highlights, none of which are going to instigate a raffle but all of which are worth your dollar before they, too, go out of stock. As always, RSD is a deep lake to dive into.

(Note: Some of the titles that were announced for this Record Store Day cycle, including Pearl Jam, Prince and Miles Davis, were delayed and will be released as part of an adjunct RSD event on June 18. Check the full listings here to see full information on all titles and see what’s coming in two months as well.)

Everly Brothers: “Hey Doll Baby” – 4500 copies

This is the kind of themed collection of previously released material ithat Record Store Day really excels at. Liner notes on the back of the LP sleeve explain the specifically intent: “This compilation was curated with an eye towards celebrating the deeper rockabilly tracks and some great covers, with a small emphasis on hits.” The writer of that jacket essay? Adria Petty, who doesn’t just help put together the releases from her dad Tom’s estate, but who worked on selecting this attention-refocusing Everly Bros set, with help from Don Everly, when he was still with us, and Phil Everly’s widow. “Cathy’s Clown” starts off side 2, but otherwise this obscurities-filled single LP makes a case for the brothers’ greatness to a young audience that may not know them by pointing out that they could walk the rocker line as well as be balladeers.


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